Since 2008 btwb has supported Independent Gyms and Athletes.

  • Elite

    Deka Comp

    Deka Comp - Elite

    Are you willing to put in the time and effort? Are you willing to do what it takes to get you moving forward and work with some of the best athletes ...

    $29.95 / month
  • Mayhem Affiliate

    Mayhem Athlete®

    Mayhem Athlete® - Mayhem Affiliate

    CrossFit Mayhem’s Gym programming. Created by Rich Froning, a 9x CrossFit Games Champion, and led by Darren Hunsucker, the winningest coach in CrossFi...

    $89.95 / month
  • Affiliate

    PRVN Fitness

    PRVN Fitness - Affiliate

    Preparing and motivating coaches for every session to train the GPP community.

    $117.00 / month
  • PRVN60

    PRVN Fitness

    PRVN Fitness - PRVN60

    Our goal is for you to get more work done in less time. A simple and effective program developed for all levels.

    $36.99 / month
  • Masters

    PRVN Fitness

    PRVN Fitness - Masters

    Improve your athletic performance with our Masters compete program.

    $36.99 / month
  • Compete Español

    PRVN Fitness

    PRVN Fitness - Compete Español

    Programación de competencia que te permitirá entrenar como los mejores del mundo.

    $39.99 / month
  • Gym

    CrossFit Linchpin

    CrossFit Linchpin - Gym

    Top notch programming from the warm-up to the cool down & everything in between. Five different workout options, accessory work & much more is provide...

    $85.00 / month
  • Home Gym

    Deka Comp

    Deka Comp - Home Gym

    Home Gym is a program you can do in your sweet home gym set-up. If you’ve got up to 60-70 minutes and you love Crossfit style training, this is for yo...

    $21.95 / month
  • Gym Affiliate Programming


    CompTrain - Gym Affiliate Programming

    Affiliate programming & lesson plans that help gym owners and coaches optimize a 60-Minute Class.

    $39.99 / month
  • Gym

    Speal Programming

    Speal Programming - Gym

    Running a gym is a challenge. There are several moving parts and it can be a lot to navigate. We help gym owners and coaches run a professional busine...

    $97.00 / month
  • GPP

    Speal Programming

    Speal Programming - GPP

    Daily programming includes a purposeful warm-up, workout, optional accessory work, and cool-down.

    $19.00 / month
  • Strength + GPP

    Speal Programming

    Speal Programming - Strength + GPP

    Strength + GPP finds the balance of strength work and GPP programming. Created for the athlete who wants a workout AND strength work.

    $47.00 / month
  • Masters

    Speal Programming

    Speal Programming - Masters

    The Master’s program is specifically programmed for individuals who middle age where recovery is paramount. Based off or our GPP Track we also provide...

    $39.00 / month
  • Affiliate Design

    Krypton Athletics

    Krypton Athletics - Affiliate Design

    Programming specifically designed for an affiliate and adopted from the exact model performed by Ben’s affiliate, CrossFit Krypton. Each session is de...

    $99.00 / month
  • Ben's Blueprint

    Krypton Athletics

    Krypton Athletics - Ben's Blueprint

    This is EVERYTHING that Ben does, literally. This includes multiple sessions per day (typically 2, AM and PM) that contain everything from weightlifti...

    $50.00 / month
  • Framework

    Krypton Athletics

    Krypton Athletics - Framework

    This is a tailored version of the Ben’s Blueprint program. The workouts will be the same for the most part, but the volume will be designed for those ...

    $35.00 / month
  • Smith Bros Garage

    Krypton Athletics

    Krypton Athletics - Smith Bros Garage

    Daily workouts, gymnastics skills, strength cycles, endurance workouts, and much more. The perfect program for those who want to maximize their limit...

    $20.00 / month
  • Compete

    PRVN Fitness

    PRVN Fitness - Compete

    Competition based programming that allows you to train like the world’s fittest.

    $39.99 / month
  • Masters

    Krypton Athletics

    Krypton Athletics - Masters

    Build capacity. Manage Volume. Improve movement and range of motion. Designed by masters athletes for masters athletes.

    $35.00 / month
  • Strong

    Krypton Athletics

    Krypton Athletics - Strong

    Build Strength, Power, Speed, Work Capacity, and Durability.

    $35.00 / month
  • Running

    Krypton Athletics

    Krypton Athletics - Running

    3-4 running specific workouts per week. Build speed and aerobic capacity.

    $20.00 / month
  • Perform

    Deka Comp

    Deka Comp - Perform

    If you’ve got a career and/or family but you can’t get away from competition, this program is for you. We take the 4 priority sections from the Compet...

    $25.95 / month
  • Individual

    CrossFit Linchpin

    CrossFit Linchpin - Individual

    Get fit, have fun & be done in less than an hour. Warm-ups, 5 different workout options, accessory work & much more. Designed for real people with bus...

    $14.00 / month
  • Gymnastics Work

    Accessory With Alec

    Accessory With Alec - Gymnastics Work

    30-45 minute sessions that can be done with minimal, sometimes zero, equipment covering handstand work, ring work, bar work, bodyweight work and acces...

    $22.00 / month
  • Core Work

    Accessory With Alec

    Accessory With Alec - Core Work

    Quick 6-15 minute daily core burners with zero equipment needed.

    $10.00 / month
  • Box

    Deka Comp

    Deka Comp - Box

    Save time. Focus on coaching. Put your community first. We provide variance with periodized training that allow athletes to see improvements in variou...

    $119.00 / month