First Strict Pull-up

First Strict Pull-up

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About This Program

The First Strict Pull-Up program will guide you through 20 expertly-crafted training sessions to master one of the most functional fitness movements: the strict pull-up. Each session contains 2-3 skills and drills created specifically to drive your progress forward. By the end of the program, our goal is for you to be able to perform the coveted strict pull-up. Even if you don’t quite get there, we can guarantee that you’ll be a heck of a lot closer than you were before beginning the program. And hey, once you get it, you’ll be ready to move on to the kipping pull-up or maybe even the kipping bar muscle-up. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and we’re here to help.

How will I get there?
You’ll begin the program by testing your current skill level. It’s imperative to know where you’re starting so you can gauge the progress you make over the course of the program. Each session, you’ll complete a warm-up and 2-3 functional fitness skills and drills to develop upper body pulling strength as well as core strength, the two key components of this movement. These skills and drills will consist of a mix of pull-up bar and ring work, static and dynamic movement, plus accessory work. They’ll also highlight the importance of the hollow body position as well as lat activation and development.

How long is the program?
The First Strict Pull-Up program is self-paced, meaning you can complete it in as much or as little time as you’d like. You can use the program to supplement your current fitness routine or focus strictly on your goal of achieving your first strict pull-up. The choice is yours. Our team recommends completing 2-3 sessions per week to complete the program within a range of 6-10 weeks.

About This Program
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How It Works

What will I get?
The First Strict Pull-Up will be delivered straight to your email in the form of an eBook. Once it’s there, it’s yours forever. You can revisit this program as many times as you’d like for the rest of your life. The eBook makes it super simple for you to confidently complete each session. Each session guides you through a warm-up as well as 2-3 functional fitness skills and drills. The eBook will act as your in-home trainer, containing links to videos demonstrating proper form for each and every skill and drill to ensure your success and safety.

*BONUS: You’ll also be granted full access to the BTWB app for 10 full weeks. The eBook will also be available to you in the app, so it goes wherever you go. You can also add the program to your BTWB calendar. Choose the number of sessions that you’ll complete each week, customize which days you’ll perform those sessions, and easily view your program schedule to help you stay on track. You can also pick up where you left off if you don’t complete the entire program the first time through. We get it; life happens. We’ll help you get back on track.

Am I ready?
We recommend that you’re able to complete 5 full range of motion ring rows with your feet under the rings. In addition, you should be able to hang from a bar for 5-10 seconds. Not quite there yet? We recommend mastering the Ring Row and Bar Hang before enrolling in this program. Your success is our top priority, and these skills are critical to your success in the program.

How It WorksHow It Works

About VNR Cycles

The VNR team is proud to offer a variety of training/skill cycles designed to help athletes of all levels achieve their goals. Every cycle was created by a subject matter expert in a certain field, a professional in the fitness space, or by Pat & Adrian personally. The VNR list of cycles was specifically curated because we believe they are of outstanding quality & deliver real results. We hope you enjoy them.

Meet the VNR Team

We’re stoked to be able to offer this program in conjunction with two of the community’s greatest; Pat Sherwood and Boz.

About Pat
Pat started doing CrossFit in 2005. He was a level 4 CrossFit Coach and former Navy SEAL. He worked for CrossFit, Inc. for about 14 years in various capacities including roles in media, health, games and seminar staff. He is currently the owner of CrossFit Linchpin. He and his wife, Emily, have three kids. He enjoys ice cream and hates handstand pushups.

About Boz
Adrian Bozman, known simply as Boz, started dabbling with CrossFit at the end of 2004 and soon became hooked. He got his L1 Certification in early 2006. He has coached at San Francisco Crossfit, CrossFit Brisbane (Australia) and most recently, Huntress CrossFit AKA The Tuxedo Social Club (his low-key garage/gym). Boz currently works for CrossFit, Inc. where he has held roles on the seminar team, education department and CrossFit games.

Meet the VNR Team

The btwb App

Developed in 2008, BTWB (Beyond The Whiteboard) is the GOAT of results-driven training solutions. We use your actual data to analyze your results and catapult your growth. For over a decade, BTWB has been the premier workout tracker for the functional fitness community. Our secret sauce lies in taking users’ logged results and providing in-depth analysis and feedback so they can train harder, better, and more informed. By tracking and analyzing users’ fitness journeys, we are able to provide them with numbers that show true, tangible progress.

In addition to accessing the First Strict Pull-Up program through the BTWB app, you can also:

  • check out our other programs
  • view movement demos
  • earn badges
  • utilize our premier tracking system
  • interact with the community
  • and more!

It contains everything you need to plan, log and analyze your results all in one place to help you take your fitness to the next level.

The btwb App

Sample Session

Daily Video

10 PVC Pass Throughs
10 Scap Pull-ups
15 Beat Swings

Skill A:
Hollow Hold : 1 x 60 secs (accumulate)

Extra Instructions
It's important you're pulling from the proper position. That means learning and strengthening the hollow position. You'll be playing around with the hollow hold many times over the course of this program. Point your toes, squeeze your glutes and quads, and tuck your rib cage down (shoulder blades off of the ground). Scale to a tuck hold as needed.

Skill B:
Banded PVC Lat Press Downs 3 x 12-15 reps
Rest as needed between sets.

Extra Instructions
You'll need strong lats in order to perform a strict pull-up, so let's strengthen them! In addition to strengthening, these lat press downs will also help you understand how to activate your lats (which isn't always obvious or easy to do). Press down fast and control on the way back up. Your elbows should remain locked out the entire time. The thicker the band, the harder these will be.

Skill C:
Toe Spot Strict Pull-ups 5 x 5 reps Rest as needed between sets.

Extra Instructions
You'll be doing various forms of strict pull-ups throughout the program. You'll start with the toe spotted versions. The box is there to provide as much assistance as you need, but challenge yourself to use as little as possible. Initiate the pull-up with your lats. Activate them the same way you were during the lat press downs from Skill B today.

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